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From small reactive units to large recycling Jetvacs, we have the unit for you.

Layer Surveys Ltd have a fleet of jetting units that are able to meet the diverse demands of our customers needs. From small reactive units to large recycling Jetvacs, we can provide the right unit to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Trailer Jetter/Van Pack

These units are ideal for attending domestic properties and smaller lines that might be blocked with foreign objects or require cleaning. They are used for mainly reactive works or working in restricted areas with limited space. The portable nature of these units means we can, in most circumstances, respond to a problem within 4 hrs of getting a call. Making use of high-pressure water jets, our drainage engineers can expertly clean your drains to ensure flow is restored as quickly and simply as possible.

Combination tankers/ Recycling Combination Tankers

These units are the largest in our fleet and are ideal for aiding the CCTV units by carrying out the larger desilting and cleaning works. The units can be used to clean culverts and public sewers up to 4000mmø and come with an array of jetting tools to slice through the hardest of blockages such as fat and grease, roots, rags and wipes, encrustations and even concrete.

The recycling technology means that the unit can suck back up water used for jetting, separate out the sediment and siltation, then use the water to jet with again. This technology means we could attend a job with a full tank of clean water and leave with a full tank of solid without the need to fill up in-between. There is no down time for the unit to refill and no liquid to dispose of, making this system both cost effective and efficient for the customer.

Reactive Cover 14/7

Layer Surveys offers a 24/7 reactive service. With our fleet of reactive vans, we are always on hand to resolve any unexpected blockages. Our top range equipment allows our engineers to give you a first time fix to all your drainage problems.